The Paros Practise has recently started to work with men’s groups. Sessions take place in Clifton Bristol and Milton Keynes.

Many men have talked to me about the need for a safe and confidential space to discuss the things that really concern them. The stuff that is often going on underneath the surface that’s nothing to do with sport, politics, work, current affairs, the economy or even the weather! 

Health issues, sexual concerns, self-image, low mood, relationship worries and general stress or depression can be at the root of men’s hidden anxieties. For even the most successful modern men, getting their human needs met can be a long way from their lived experience. Sometimes the opportunity to really talk about what’s worrying them is not easily available. Often talking to other men, fathers, mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends feels too difficult. Men are sometimes last in the queue when it comes to getting their needs met. 

The Human Givens Approach defines Human Needs (our fundamental emotional needs) in the following way:

• Security - safe territory and an environment that allows us to develop fully.
• Attention - (to give and receive it) as a form of nutrition.
• Sense of autonomy and control - having volition to make responsible choices.
• Being emotionally connected to others.
• Feeling part of a wider community.
• Friendship, intimacy - to know that at least one other person accepts us totally for who we are ‘warts and all’.
• Privacy - opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience.
• Sense of status within social groups.
• Sense of competence and achievements (from which comes self-esteem).
• Meaning and purpose - which comes from being stretched in what we do and think.